Yes, doctor

The nice thing about working at different locations is that you get to see different ways how medicine is done. The place I'm at now is very old school medicine, and by that I mean that the doctor is always right. Whatever I ask, it's done, no questions. The only words that come out of the nurses' mouths are, "Yes, doctor." There's no pressure to discharge. I get respect just because my white coat is long.

If my mom hadn't told me about it, I wouldn't have believed it ever existed. Most places I've worked, no one gives me the time of day. I've worked hard to build relationships with the nursing staff at the main hospital I work at. I've got nurses and staff now that are on my side and will get stuff done for me. And it's weird to know that the hospital I'm at now, I don't know anyone and I'm already more productive.

And I'll admit, it feels good to have people follow my lead, but there's a flipside. It's nice to have people acquiesce to my wishes, but there's responsibility with that. Now I know why my mom's always telling me to be friendly and nice and pleasant and kind to the nurses and staff. Because I'm a leader now, and like it or not, people will follow me. And people just feel better following someone they like and respect as a person.

Because I can't be right all the time, and sometimes I'll be wrong, and it's important to have people around me who will forgive me that. It's important to have people working with me who see me for more than a long white coat and a couple letters after my name.

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