The weekend off

This weekend, I had time. It's not often one gets 2 days in a row off. It is in fact so rare that I can only remember it vaguely in the past, maybe November? So, with this wealth of free time, what did I do? Not much. I saw Constantine, and it was okay. I hung out with B and we pretty much did nothing, but that was fine. I went to church and went grocery shopping. Nothing much.

And it used to really bother me that I couldn't do anything more exciting. In college, I went to clubs now and then, went to music venues, hung out in pool halls, all sorts of things. But as I've gotten older and older, it all seems less and less appealing. In med school, I forced myself to go out and have fun, and I seem to remember that being horribly unsuccessful.

Truth be told, it doesn't bother me any more. It's taken me this long in life to realize that the things I enjoy are not very social. The things I enjoy are quiet and more tranquil. I like going to restaurants and art museums and cider mills and parks. I like doing things that are pleasant.

And I realize that people actually do meet other people in bars (although I cringe at that thought), and that it's next to impossible for me to meet a female if I'm not going to go out and be social. But I'm not going to do things I don't like just for the possibility of meeting someone nothing like me.

I want to meet someone on my own terms, someone that's interested in the same things I am. That's not too much to ask, really. And yes, I'm not doing anything to find her. But maybe she's doing something to find me?

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Jane said...

I Know it's probably slightly late to comment on this post. But from perusing your blog, you sound like a very apealing and earnest person. Really really.