Filet-o-fish season

Filet-o-fish season
Filet-o-fish season,
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It's Friday, and if you're Catholic, then you know what that means: McDonald's! I got the filet-o-fish and heartily munched away. It's the king of fish sandwiches from fast food.

Of course, I considered Long John Silver's, but it just doesn't have the rich Lenten tradition that McD's does.

I try to be good about Lent stuff. Every year I slip here or there, but I try, nonetheless. This year, I gave up coffee again, and it hurts when you're post-call. I'm still drinking caffeinated soda, because it's too hard to avoid quite honestly.

I'm pretty sure that Lent should feel like punishment, but I never really do anything so grueling. I'd like to say that I come out of Lent with renewed spiritual energy and focus, but really, I'm just sleepy from the lack of caffeine.

People think I'm super Catholic because I go to church every week and follow the rules, but really, I'm not very good at all. I haven't been to confession in 6 years. I'm not really happy with my life. And that's fine, because the funny thing about Catholicism is that it doesn't really require you to be zealous. You're allowed to be lukewarm.

Other Christian demoninations are very fervent, but Catholicism is so calm. And I'd like to think it's because no one can maintain such a ardent fanaticism, but the mild Catholic stance, it's bearable. It grows on you in ways you can't see or sense. And that's why Catholics number in the billion. It becomes a part of who you are.

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