So, another Valentine's Day has come and gone. Good riddance. I hate Valentine's Day. It's the worst holiday of the year. Okay, so I'm a touch bitter maybe. I didn't wear black this year at least. It's just such a horrible reminder to me that not only am I single, and other people are happy, but that I've had so many miserable Valentine's in the past.

This year, I went to Best Buy. Not much of a Valentine's Day, I know. I did however buy the Japanese "Shall We Dance?" which was such an awesome movie and I was so angry that they remade it with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. They made a touching, well done movie into some cheesy date movie. Aggravating.

However, I spent the night lying in front of the TV, asleep, while my dinner burned in the oven, watching Wonderfalls DVDs. I'll admit it, I've had better days.

The hostility towards Valentine's Day is waning, I'll admit, but it's still there a bit. You know, I can't help but feel like I'm entitled to be in a relationship by now. I'm entitled to some things. I know that's a very selfish view of the world. It seems a little unfair, you know?

In med school, I realized that a lot of people go to college to get married. It's actually the plan. That's kind of scary. I went through med school thinking I'd get married. That's kind of scary too. Now, all I'd like is to have a relationship. I don't need to get married, but I'd like to know that it's something I'm capable of.

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