A red letter day

I'm trying to get some quality letter writing done tonight. I haven't written a letter in a while. I'm rusty. No one actually communicates in letter form with me anymore. When I moved in high school, I wrote so many letters, at least a few a month, and dozens over the course of the year. I still find letters to people I barely knew.

Nowadays, I write letters very sparsely. The payoff's not so great. No one corresponds with letters anymore. I send out letter after letter, but I only get one back once in a great while. But there's something very... pure about a letter. Putting words to a page, it has a remarkable feel to it, and it's tough to remember that sometimes, after spending all day writing orders and progress notes.

So I'm trying to get back into letter writing, and it's a tough road, but I'd forgotten how cleansing it is. It's quite something to write something down and give it to someone. Conversation is so transcient. Even e-mail is fleeting. A letter just feels like something more true, if only because it lasts.

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