Viral gastroenteritis

If you ever want a day off from work, there's one surefire way to get it, and the answer to your dreams is viral gastroenteritis. Pain, grief, headaches, injuries, they all pale in comparison to viral gastro. There's nothing quite like stuff coming out from both ends to put the fear of God into your co-workers. The only downside? Diarrhea or vomit. You take your pick. And if you're extra special, you can get both at once.

Another plus is the fact that now I know why people advance diet as tolerated. I've had one solid meal in the past 3 days. I like to know what I put people through in the hospital. After all, you should know what you do to people when you write the order, right?

So, I've had a little free time on my hands as a result, and I spent it constructively, watching LoTR: Return of the King, extra special 4 hour version. It's really the only time in life one has to dedicate to watching something so monumentally long in one sitting.

It'd also given me a little time to think, for a change. I spend so much time doing and doing and doing, and not really thinking. I process vast amounts of information. Sodium is 124, BNP is 1520, bibasilar coarse rales are present, 5x5cm stage 4 decubitus ulcer is unchanged in appearance, mood and affect are improved with Zoloft. I spend most of my day just sifting through craploads of information and doing stuff with it. Giving meds, ordering tests, doing procedures.

I don't really think at all. There's no thought to it. It's just GIGO. So it's nice to just think a little, just lie in bed, waiting for my colon to process the Gatorade, and think.

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