An editorial note: 8/29/09

For those of you who may be wondering, in January of 2005, I transitioned from a manually edited blog to Blogger. It was a rough transition, but allowed me to be more prolific. That being said, it also meant that I had two websites: my blog here and my previous blog. And that was fine until I decided to take down my other website in 2008, leaving only my blogger account.

I am currently going through several years of entries (1999-2004) and trying to put up some selected posts that are worth reading, and edit out the ones that reveal entirely too much about myself and have to be censored. But that process is slow and painful, and I'm not even done with 2004 yet. It doesn't help that I was terribly prolific back then.

So if you're looking for older entries, check back periodically.

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