The challenges of firewalls

So, I'm editing the format of this blog, trying to get it simplified and back to the sort of ease of use that I had with my old blog. Ah, I really miss the ease of my lovely manual blog. Technology comes with its troubles.

Worthy of note is the intense hardship of trying to edit this thing from behind the hospital firewall. I'm on call, and that makes trying to edit this thing a pain in the ass. I'm proxied and everything, but Firefox is giving me trouble with the main blogger page, for who knows why.

Anyway, I'm still getting the hang of this, and it's kind of fun, so far at least. Maybe this is the future? Now I need to figure out how I can change the settings for the archives...

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wyn157 said...

why are you switching? and why blogspot? (just curious, since obviously i also made the switch last year.)