Scent of a woman

I saw the movie Scent of a Woman on TV tonight while I was getting ready for bed. It's a really nice movie, because it's a world that I know. Y'know, unless you've lived it, it's hard to imagine a prim and proper world, governed by etiquette and class. It's hard to imagine because it really doesn't exist in reality. It's a collective fiction.

Still, it's nice to see. I miss it sometimes, the formality and the grace. The funny stuff is what gets you sometimes. I was going to church the other day and this little boy ran ahead of his family and held the door for them, and for me. I couldn't help but think that this little tyke was well on his way.

People think nothing of etiquette, and I can't say I blame them, but I think that it's a little sad that it's hard to find a decent handshake anywhere in the Midwest, and that common courtesy seems like a thing of the past. Someone sneezes and I'm the only one who says God bless. Someone cries and I'm the only one to offer a tissue. It's attention to detail. Life, like etiquette, is a matter of attention to detail.

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