Post call days are guilt free

General Tso's
General Tso's,
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So, after a luscious breakfast, a morning of cartoons, lunch at Wendy's, and a well-deserved nap, I decided that this, my post-call day off (a technical 24 hours outside of the hospital), would best be spent eating take out Chinese and watching "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle." If you've never seen the movie, it's amusing, and also, a window into the world of 2nd gen Asian-Americans. I was happy that this movie got made, because it is to my knowledge the first big budget, non-martial arts/john wu movie that headlined with Asian actors.

We have a little saying in the hospital. Post call days are guilt free. You can't feel bad about anything post-call, because your life sucks enough after spending anywhere from 24 to 30 hours in the hospital.

I'm getting used to blogger, and I'm starting to like it. Maybe I'll stick with this, although flickr is a little... difficult to use.

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