Tough love in the hospital

You want to know the worst thing you can hear coming out of the mouth of your evaluator? "Well, you seem to do a good job of sleeping through conferences." Panic, panic, panic.

I was outright mean for the last couple days, tough love in the hospital. I mean really, I'm growing more and more intolerant of people that don't have the simple desire to get better. What am I supposed to do for someone who is unwilling to take care of himself? It's rediculous. I spend my mornings telling myself DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES AT THE PATIENT! That's my morning.

So it's been tough love, things like cutting people off from pain meds, kicking folks out of the hospital, stuff like that. And believe me, people are not happy. I've had folks from every end of the hospital giving me a piece of their mind. I remember sometimes that my mom told me that I should be the kind of doctor who is nice and kind and shouldn't be mean, but man, sometimes, mean is what people need. Nice is for pediatricians. I think mean is something valuable to an internist.

Tops were that I've been threatened with litigation a whole bunch of times now. It's to the point where I can't even get worked up about it. I mean, when you know that you didn't do anything wrong, it's hard to get too angry, but man, I'm sick of it. I have a new saying these days: "the sign on the building, it doesn't say 'hotel' does it."

PS - Are you liking this format better than the old way? I also got a flickr account so that we could get the full effect of switching over.


wyn157 said...

to answer your p.s. question -- the only difference that i can see is that it's a blogger account, and there are comments. everything else (font, style, etc...) seems to be the same. and i'm not sure what flickr is exactly so i guess i can't see how that affects the page much. so really it's a question of YOUR ease. if you don't like blogger/blogspot, i'm sure you know that lots of ppl use xanga or livejournal. and i liked tabulas for awhile too.

incidental findings said...

Well, here's the thing. I've come to accept the fact that RSS feeds and comments are really, really common and the fact that I don't have them are somewhat disturbing, so I thought I'd let people try it out and see what they like.

And maybe it's just me, but I've become an RSS junkie, so I thought it unfair that I should reap such pleasant benefits while forcing everyone else to check my site for updates on a constant basis.

Cathleen said...

I haven't seen the flickr site, so I wouldn't really know. :-) Slee is right. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable using.

Also, I don't mind checking your blog once in a while. (Especially since I don't know how to use the RSS function, heh.) Besides, Blogrolling very conventiently lets me know when you update, so that's when I check. :-)