Success boot camp

I saw a commercial on TV for Burlington Coat Factory, and it was a bunch of guys in Success Boot Camp, and what's the first lesson they shout out? "Don't lick your knife at a power lunch!" Hah!

People that know me know about my absolutely strange obsession with etiquette. I read Miss Manners all the time, and I've taken an active interest in all levels and rules of etiquette, to the point where I could probably, quite comfortably, function at a white tie event, with royalty and dignitaries. I could be upper crust.

However, people that know me also know that I love to wear shorts and t-shirts, I had a strange thing with flip-flops, and I answer my phone simply "Hey."

I can't help myself sometimes. I was raised this strange mix of white collar and blue collar. I went to private schools for the rich and elite of the world, the children of the people who make the world go round, but went home to a single parent mom who worked as a nurse and had multiple Spam recipes.

It's nice to know that at the drop of a hat, I could be in that world of formality and grace, and I'll admit that I look a little disdainfully on knife lickers, but I really am pretty blue collar at heart. I mean, I'm going into internal medicine. That's proof in the pudding.

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