Not so happy holidays

Lately, the Religious Right has gone absolutely apeshit over the de-Christmasification of Christmas, and the use of Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings. For me, it's part of the reason why I don't consider myself Republican any longer.

I had a problem with the lack of Christmas in Christmas starting several years ago. The first year I did a lot of Christmas cards, it was either super religious cards, or else cards so secular that if not for the snowflakes, you wouldn't know they were Christmas cards at all.

But let's be honest with ourselves here. There wasn't much Christmas in Christmas to begin with. Christmas trees? Santa Claus? Candy canes and mistletoe? None of it has anything to do with the birth of Jesus. For the majority of the world, Christian or not, December 25th is a secular holiday first. And I'm at peace with that. I've divested myself of the trappings. I don't have a tree or decorations. I just do my cards and that's it. Sometimes, I get a poinsettia.

I think as long as we have Christmas in our hearts, that's all that matters. And that's why it's always nice to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and hear Linus recite Luke 2:8-14. That's Christmas. And regardless of what other people do or say or write or whatever, in the end, Christmas is a celebration in our souls. God's not gonna freak cuz your card says "Happy Holidays."

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Anonymous said...

"Absolutely apeshit", hmmmm? Not that I don't agree with you, 'cuz I do, but it's like you channeled my mom into your blog. I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone outside my family use that phrase....

Hope I'll see you over the holidays.