Breakfast memories

I was remembering this morning something very random. I was eating breakfast at a restaurant as the snow came down in torrents, and I remembered eating breakfast in Mexico. I was sitting out on the veranda with a friend, having a pleasant conversation over a simple breakfast and hot coffee, soaking in the beautiful weather, 70's and sunny, with tropical birds flying overhead. It was a beautiful morning, an excellent meal, pleasant company, and it's a precious slice of my life. It's one of my very fond memories of late.

And it makes eating bad scrambled eggs in a crappy restaurant, alone, in the middle of the Midwest, in a freak snowstorm, seem pretty shitty.

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bw said...

You seem pretty lonely, go try and meet some people you can relate to, as hard as it can be in the midwest. Even when we complain about not having time to socialize, there's always time. Don't hold on to the past, make new memories.
I don't know your situation, but maybe some other koreans in the area or get more involved with your church?
good luck!