The last Christmas card push

Rather than take anyone off the list (oh, alright, I did take one person off the list), I've added 4 more. I'm nuts. So, I've got 4 more cards to write now. Yikes. I'm going to try to churn through them in the next few days. At least the bulk of the cards went out now, and the only ones I have left really are cards in desperate need of addresses, and some cards I've just been lazy about mailing. What kind of an excuse is that? A bad one.

It feels good to get back into the Christmas card spirit, and I'll admit, this year's not a personal best. I've only done around 40 some cards this year, whereas in years past I've gotten as high as 60. But I feel good about it. There's a certain... pleasure in dropping a big stack of cards into the mail.

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