You must unlearn what you have learned

My friend, being the jerk that he is, corrected my golf swing. If you've ever seen my golf swing, you'd know that this is no easy task. My golf swing is entirely wrong. There's so much wrong that you can't really point out one thing to fix.

My friend is of course a natural and hit the ball 200 yds on his first time on the range. No one ever said life was fair. I took my piece of humble pie like a man. But the problem came when he tried to fix my swing. He made me move up on the ball, change my grip, fix my mechanics.

Now, I can't even remember how to swing my way. It's completely lost. But I'm no good at swinging the 'right' way, which means that the last few times I went to the range, the furthest ball I hit was 70 yds, and it rolled that far with a downslope and a tailwind.

But every now and then, you need to unlearn comfortable habits. You need to relearn and rediscover things, and find a new and different way, because it's exciting. It's exciting to hit a ball again. It's exciting to watch a ball sail high in the air, and it's utterly heartwrenching to miss on my swing and top off a ball.

I hate having to relearn how to swing, but it's nice to remember how wonderful it felt to be excited again.

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