Docere is the Latin word from which the word doctor originates. It means to teach, as in documentary or doctrine. I've taken this to heart. I love teaching the medical students. It's a lot of fun for me, because it's more than just imparting knowledge. It's teaching someone how to think.

It's one of the things that gets me excited in the morning. It's actually fun for me. It's not a chore or anything. And part of it is that I want students to see what I see in internal medicine, but more of it is that I want students to see that there is so much more to medicine than just diagnosis and treatment. There's an art to it.

I'd love to teach professionally. I'd love to work at a med school and be a teacher and get paid for it. That sounds like a dream come true. There's one problem. I hate research. Hate. But it's tough to imagine not having med students around me. Maybe there's some school out there looking for someone to be grunt labor for them.

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Dr. Luke Van Tessel said...

Primum non docere. Got it.