Game day

I was cursing up a storm today watching football. I was dropping f-bombs like it was my job. I remember now why I try not to watch a lot of football. My blood pressure must be sky high right now. Oh well, that's life I guess.

But it made me remember when I was in college and how much I loved football back then. Oh, I guess I still love it, but it made such a difference being in college and surrounded by the environment, y'know?

I probably should have done something social today, but I just wasn't in the mood. I've been sitting on some replies to my online personal ads, I just feel kind of stalled out. I need a second wind on life.

As a note, if you're wondering where all the posts are coming from, I sit on posts for a couple days usually to edit them, etc.


Anonymous said...

No joke. And we're going to get slaughtered next week. I was practically crying....

VF said...

This is the type of football we play every year. Mess up early and when everyone has given up on you defy the odds and get another 9-3 meaningless record.