First children

I was thinking about my friends the other day, and I came upon a disturbing realization: nearly all my friends are either the first child or an only child. All my best friends from high school and college are first kids. Only one or two of my med school friends are younger siblings. It's absolutely astounding.

I'm not sure why that is, since I don't know many only children. Most of my friends do indeed have a younger sibling, if not multiple younger siblings. Just seems like I've got many friends in the older sibling department. Maybe it's that older siblings tend to be the achievers and younger siblings tend to lay back and watch the world drift by. I don't know.

Similarly, I find myself very disturbed that I was talking to a single friend of mine, and the fact that I've had a total of 3 dates in the last 5 years is entirely non-representative of single doctors out there. With my doctor credentials, I really should be doing better. What am I doing wrong? Oh yes, working 70 hours a week, that's right.

I should note, I'm a younger sibling. -9/25/05

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Cathleen said...

Heh, I'm the oldest too. I wouldn't say that younger people aren't achievers or anything though. One of my best friends is the youngest in her family and she's doing brilliantly in grad school.

But yes, it is an astounding coincidence.