Male piggishness. Please skip this post.

I have lately found myself staring at breasts. I've had to be a little proactive about not making an ass of myself, but lately, it's been tough. It seems like it's not so easy when some of the nursing staff wear see-through shirts, or spaghetthi straps. This is not helpful, and mostly rather distracting. It's hard not to stare. I mean, honestly. When it's right out there, how can you not?

Even worse when the breasts are of a patient. When some college aged girl comes in needing me to do an exam, then it's my business to take a look. I'm not doing anything unethical or anything like that, but it's a chore to keep the libido in check.

I'm not sure why the new breast fascination. I mean, yes, I'm a guy, I like breasts, but why it's been so much trouble recently, I don't know. Maybe it's just that I've been thinking about being single for a while, and how I'd like to see a pair of breasts on a recreational basis that I don't have to examine and that I haven't had to pay a cover charge to see.

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