So precious it must be rationed

Recently, there have been some unusual election results. Surprisingly to me, Canada went with the Conservative party. After seeing what we've done as a nation, you'd think Canada would get smart.

In a complete shock, Hamas won the majority of the new Palestinian parliament, essentially meaning that any hope of dream of Middle East peace is gone now. I'm kind of curious how this will play out, because for all the posturing Hamas has done, Israel is still the butt kicker. Considering the stuff that Israel has done recently, I'm shocked that Hamas isn't being more Israel friendly, but bad blood runs deep, I guess.

But I think the most shocking voting in the new year is the fact that Master P has managed to be on "Dancing with the Stars" for so long. This is criminal. He sucked. I mean wow, bad. I'm glad he got voted off.

I have to admit, I really like ballroom dancing, watching it at least. I haven't done any actual ballroom dancing since... well... 7th grade. But it's so marvelous to watch two people move so beautifully. I have to admit, ABC's got me by the balls on this one.

But my point originally is that democracy and liberty are things that sometimes don't yield desirable results. And quite wisely, many a government in the world does not let people vote for just such reasons. But part of democracy is people living with their choices. And after suffering another week of Master P, America wised up. Now, unfortunately Bush doesn't have to answer to the Friday night results show, but some mistakes take a little longer to fix.

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