I realized today that I don't have a best friend anymore. Oh, I have friends, great friends, but no one that I'd call at midnight and go out for sandwiches with. I don't have anyone that I'd stay up till 3 AM instant messaging. No one that I'd road trip with on a whim.

Part of that is circumstance. All my friends live pretty far away, at least an hour. That puts a damper on things, for sure. But part of it is a different kind of distance. My best friends in high school, I've lost touch with most of them. And it's not the same anymore.

I miss those days, playing cards till 5 AM and going out to breakfast, or going to Taco Bell at 2 AM after watching movies or *shudder* anime. That kind of stuff, it's friendship that you can't have once you've got a job and responsibility. And then, it's tough to make friends once you're a doc. Not many people can sympathize with spending 3 hours trying to keep someone alive so family can come by and change code status.

I miss my friends, and I miss being that kind of friend. And I remember in high school having a pack of friends, and we did everything together. They've all got lives now, and so do I, and it's just not the same anymore. And that's life I guess.

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