One of my friends, he's fond of regaling me of the sexual indiscretions of his youth. It's an amusing history, certainly. But it's hard for me to grasp or comprehend, mainly because I have no basis for comparison. I've never had sex. I've never even had something questionable where one could debate what activites constitute sex.

I guess I should feel bad about this. At least, that's how I think I should feel about it. In reality, it doesn't really bother me much. I grew up pretty straight-laced Catholic, and in the great buffet that is Catholicism, I somehow managed to put a heaping serving of 'no pre-marital sex' on my plate.

I think the thing that bothers me more than my amazing lack of reproductive success is that it's been so long since I've been open with someone. You know, it's a tough life when you've got no one to confide in, and that kind of hurts sometimes. Sex, you can buy that. Intimacy's not for sale though.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone talking about it that often isn't really doing it....