I'm buying plane tickets for my V A C A T I O N ! I know, sounds so wonderful, but really, I don't have that much planned. Visiting family mostly. I have rather fond memories of going to Mexico during med school. After so much stress and panic and worry and hardship, that vacation was well-deserved. But now, vacation seems like more trouble than it's worth.

I don't have anyone to vacation with, and that's the problem these days. I mean, yeah, any time away from the hospital is good time. Fantastic. But vacation spent with family's not really vacation. It's more like filial piety, Confucius coming to kick me in the ass.

So, since I'll be in the Southwest anyway, I decided to take a couple days in Las Vegas. I'm not a big gambler or partygoer, but a couple days in a strange town with free alcohol? Sounds good to me. And it'll be warmer than the Midwest.

I just wish I had someone to vacation with, you know, to spend the time. And I think, in the back of my neurotic little brain, there are some cute girls I know who would seriously consider an offer to spend a couple days in Vegas. And wow, that would be nice. It'd be a vacation from my life.

But part of being in internal medicine is being pretty skeptical. And the skeptic in me is rather sure that the only female company I could have in Vegas would be the kind of company that I'd have to pay for by the hour.


Dr. Luke Van Tessel said...

Three things:

1) You are not paying the hooker to have sex with you. You are paying her to LEAVE after having sex with you.

2) A solo vacation is not a bad gig. I was scared the first time I did it; now it's OK. It's like not having sex, which is normal for people who spend too much time in hospitals, except everyone is speaking Spanish.

3) Normal people need a vacation after going to see their families. I'd put Vegas toward the end. And this is just me, but I'd treat myself to a really good meal at Bouchon in the Venetian. It'll cost $200, but that's what money is for. Consider it money you didn't spend on gambling or hookers.

Cathleen said...

Haha, yeah, a vacation from life sounds pretty good right now.

But solo vacations are nice too. No pressure, and you can get to do what you want when you want it. Oh wait, that's what normal people and non-doctors do.

Hope you enjoy your vacation! :-)