Free at last

You know, it's really sick when you find yourself saying things like, "Oh, you're on an outpatient rotation! Sweet. It's like vacation!" That is how sick residency truly is. Working a 40 hour week is a vacation. So, after suffering through a sea of inpatient rotations, it's nice to get a few weeks of clinics.

And now, for real, I am on vacation. It feels so good to finally be free, for a little while at least. Even though most all of my time is spoken for, with visiting family and the like, it'll be nice not to have to put on a shirt, get my white coat, listen to other people's problems.

That sounds mean, but man, it's tough having other people tell you about their problems all day long. Itching and bleeding and nausea and need for vicodin. All this junk! The one saving grace is that I love my patients. I have a core of 10-15 patients that I *heart* seeing in clinic. They are fantastic folks, all with these strange but wonderful medical problems that they make their own.

So I feel a little bad abandoning them while on vacation, but it's nice to be free. I won't be blogging for a while. See ya on the flipside.

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