No cause for alarm

It was 12 hours before I had a meal. And that may not sound too alarming, but think of it this way: if you woke up at 6AM and then didn't eat until 6PM, that'd be a little weird, right? I did have a bowl of cereal, a handful of Doritos, and a rice crispies treat, in addition to some McDonald's. The way I add it all up, I've had about 1500 kcal today.

I'm getting kind of worried. I'm a big fatass. I normally eat 2500+ kcal. I literally could eat another whole meal. Why aren't I eating more? Normally, this is behavior that I've had when I'm depressed, but I'm not depressed! I feel pretty good!

Maybe this is my body finally saying that I eat too much.


glorified midwife said...

i find it amusing that although you are eating fewer calories, they consist of doritos and rice crispy treats :) of course, i know from experience that doctors eat no better than anyone else (and often worse). i lost 10# on my "taco bell diet" in college.

incidental findings said...

Well, it's what's handy. Healthy food takes work, and if I'm too lazy to eat, you can bet I'm too lazy to cook.