A new clutch

It's almost July, and the interns are pretty much independent now. They are, for the most part, ready to be seniors. It's strange to see these guys that one year ago could barely keep healthy people alive. I'm not really proud. They did most of the work themselves, but it's still nice to see them ready to take on the world as senior residents.

And it's more than a little scary that I'll have another July full of new interns, and more nightmares of trying to keep my patients alive despite my interns. It's more than a little ulcer provoking, and hopefully I'll have attendings that are understanding.

There's a starling that's nested in the tree outside my bedroom window, and every morning this Spring, I'd wake up hearing the chirping and peeping of the little chicks in its nest. And then a few weeks back, the chirping stopped. The chicks were all grown up and left the nest.

And then last week, new chirping. There was a new brood of chicks. And all I could think was, "Hey starling, I know how you feel."

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