None for me

People wanted to go see the DaVinci Code, but I told them to go without me. I've already decided that I will boycott this movie. I'm a pretty open-minded guy. After all, I saw "Dogma" and enjoyed it.

But this DaVinci Code shit is too much. And to pass it off as real? That's just offensive. To say that there is any truth to this is actually blasphemous.

If this was about the prophet Mohammad, Dan Brown would have a bounty for his head. As it stands, we Catholics are too guilt-ridden to go about trying to execute anyone. But this is one trend that I'll pass on.


evilresident said...

re: executions, there's also the good likelihood that Jesus isn't a big fan of capital punishment.

incidental findings said...

And yet, abortion clinics seem to attract bombs.

evilresident said...

yeah, I have a feeling that this isn't quite what Jesus had in mind when he said love your neighbor as yourself, but Eric Rudolph and his hell-bound ilk are big fat heretics in any case.