May angels lead you in

I was driving into work yesterday, and I was listening to Jimmy Eat World, and the song, "May Angels Lead You In" came on. It's a great song. And I was suddenly bawling, in the parking lot of the hospital. I had to sit in my car for a couple minutes to compose myself.

Maybe it's all the tragic cases I've been seeing lately, with patients dying left and right. And I can't help but remember my aunt. There's just so much death out there, and sometimes it catches up with you. And I'm normally very good at compartmentalizing my feelings, locking them up in a little box and putting that box in the back of the fridge.But not this time.

Sympathy can be a dangerous thing sometimes. Because there are so many tears to shed, and if I were to cry for every sad case, I'd have no tears left to shed.


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one does that.. group hug dude.

glorified midwife said...

maybe it's different because i'm a girl, but sometimes i just need to cry, and i always feel better afterwards.