A good reason to have a girlfriend

My car needs to go to the shop, and I'm having a hell of a time figuring out how I'm going to get to the shop to pick my car back up, muchless getting home from the shop, and I realized how much easier this would be if I had someone that could pick me up and drop me off without it being a big deal.

I know, that sounds really stupid, but there are some nice, simple things about being in a relationship, like having a ride, or having someone to come home to, or eating a meal with someone. It's simple, but there's an elegance to it, and there are times when I think it'd be nice to have someone like that.

I know, it's a dumb reason to want to be in a relationship, but when your car's in the shop and you've got no way to pick it up, it sure sounds like a nice time to have a girlfriend.


TigerLily46 said...

That's the only time I want to have a relationship these days.

glorified midwife said...

totally feel your pain. nothing like haven't to call your MOM when you're stranded at work and your car won't start. yes, i'm 26, and my mommy is picking me up. WTF.

Anonymous said...

Not to bring too big a reality check to your world, but C is in San Fran and my car dealership is in Sunnyvale - 15 miles south of my office in Palo Alto. Solutions:
(1) There's probably a courtesy shuttle at least one way
(2) Coworkers might be able to drop you off the other way
And if nothing else works...
(3) Enterprise picks you up.


incidental findings said...

Enterprise does pick you up. And drop you off. Problem solved. The problem really was that I needed rides to work and other various things, since my car's in the shop for more than a day.