I hate Valentine's Day

I hate Valentine's Day. If there was some way I could delete it off the calendar, I would. It's hard to see other people so damn happy. I'd like to throw up all over the whole thing. But really, I didn't hate V Day so much until 1999, when my love life became some sort of sick farce, and I found out my love interest at the time was anything but.

Since then, it's been ruined for me. I can't stand it. It's a big charade. But maybe I'm just envious. A friend of mine tried to explain the difference between envy and jealousy to me. There is a difference. Envy is when you covet what someone else has. Jealousy is coveting that which you already have, or lost. And I'll admit, I'm envious. I'm all sour grapes. I wish that instead of eating cereal and watching "House" that I was out on the town for a romantic dinner and a night of passion.

But there is a virtue to being single on V Day, and the nice thing about V Day being forever spoiled is that I can see the hypocrisy so very clearly. But y'know, I can't help wishing that I was a part of the big lie, and that this collective delusion was something I could share in.


Dr. Luke Van Tessel said...

Well, you did save a hundred bucks, right? At least. And you should be over that seven-year itch by now. Remember, not a single atom in you body is the same as it was in 1999. At times like this, I also remind myself that not all women are the same. They're different. Like snowflakes.

Cathleen said...

Haha, jamais vu!

Valentine's has always been kind of forced. People get into relationships because it's Valentine's, or exes call each other or whatever.

Single's Awareness isn't such a bad deal. You get to do what you want when you want it, and people don't give you grief because they want to do something else. (And yeah, you do get to save money.)

Besides, we shouldn't ever have an excuse for spontaneity. It kind of defeats the purpose.

TigerLily46 said...

I swear to God, I have had the last Valentines Day that I will be bitter about. Bitterness isn't attractive to the opposite sex, and it isn't a very fun way to live anyway.

I fucking hated the whole day yesterday, though.