Just a little crush

I have developed the silliest of silly crushes on one of the nurses. I say silly because it really is. She's way young, in a relationship, not my type at all (You know, she's not self-destructive or emotionally unavailable. ha ha), and I still have that no nurse policy. But I actually dedicate brain time thinking about how I can impress her. I am such a dork.

At least nowadays though, my crushes aren't these pathological obsessions that are emotional hell. It's just a guy trying to flirt with a girl too young for him and out of his league.


Dr. Luke Van Tessel said...

That does it. I'm finally going to kill myself because of this blog. {GASP/CHOKING/BLEEDING/ONOMATOPOEIA}

You're a doctor. She's a nurse. This is as original as a knock-knock joke. But that isn't even why I'm taking my razor blade into the bath. STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP BECAUSE YOU THINK EVERYONE IS OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE. With an attitude like that, you're right.

You're worth what you say you're worth. Now go find some white girl who hates her Midwestern parents enough to sleep with a nice Asian Doct-ah. There's gotta be a few--even in your hospital.

Anonymous said...

pretty harsh! haha

I'm an nurse - married a lawyer not a doctor but still - I know of alot of doctors and nurses who do the relationship/marriage thing.

On my unit I see alot of young residents and cute nurses but have yet to see some flirting.

Have fun with the "secret crush" that's how alot of relationships develop = just waiting for that right moment to make the move.

jean said...

I think it's cute you have this crush. Not dorky at all. Having a crush is healthy. You don't have to spend 100% of your brain time on being doctor. Just 99.9999%.
I have a crush on one of the Grey's Anatomy doctors (the plastic surgeon). Obviously, you have much better chances than I do.

Medic-of-one said...

Bah, caution to the wind, go for it. If you need a good start, try holding eye contact just a little too long and then giving her a wry smile. Its a good first step even for the chronically shy.