Going back to the well

For some reason that I don't get, being back around my old med school is making me itch to blog. Or maybe it's just using a real keyboard again instead of what my laptop claims is a keyboard. But I am brimming with the desire to blog. Creepy, no?

And I realized as I was driving today that I write a lot of letters to people that will never read them. I mean a LOT. You know, sometimes, it's nice to get your feelings about a person down on paper, so that you can vent all your frustrations without actualy hurting someone's feelings. So, they mostly sit in a pile in my room and maybe one day if I ever get drunk enough, I'll mail them all out, but probably not.

But I thought, since almost everyone that I write these letters to will never read this blog (I'd guess that most don't know it exists), I thought it'd be neat to put a few of them up. It's not like I haven't done so before. They're usually full of bitterness and shame and anger, and that's stuff I don't really ever show in life. It's the dark side of me that you never see.

Of course, I'm nowhere near those letters right now, so it'll have to wait for another day. For now, I plan on packing up, going home and drinking myself silly. What a nice day. Oh, and someone e-mailed me from one of my personal ads. How bizarre. A strange day today indeed.

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