AFK - IRC/chatroom/IM slang for Away From Keyboard

So, I'm visiting a friend who's an avid blogger and a student of medicine, as I once myself was. And it's just so tempting to blog from the computer of another blogger. It's got this dirty feeling, like a keyboard used for so many other thoughts and emotions and angst is now being compelled to account for my own pathos.

But really, it got me thinking about medical students. It's a funny life, medical school, and it's entirely detached from reality in the sense that you make no money, you loan ridiculous amounts of money, you drink like a fish and somehow, at the end, you graduate into one of the most prestigious professions on this planet.

There are a lot of things I wish I did in medical school and now, it's not nearly as easy or convenient and I thought it'd be nice to have such regrets in list form.

(1) I wish that I'd studied harder. Not only because I could've gone into dermatology, which seems more and more ideal the more I think about it. I wish that I had more answers. I wish that I didn't have to go around looking stuff up all the time, and that I'd actually bothered to learn it.

(2) I wish I'd figured out what I wanted to do with my life before residency. I mean I knew that I wanted internal medicine, but I was still pretty torn on the primary care thing. Knowing what I know now, it seems like I wasted a lot of time and could've chosen the best residency for what I wanted to do.

(3) I wish I'd slept around. Seriously. The amount of social interaction I have with people that I don't have to work with on a daily basis is minimal. I don't meet people, and I certainly don't meet women. I know, I know. The people who know me in person aren't buying this one for a second. Me, sleep around? Unlikely. But at least I wish I'd dated more. Well, dated at all during med school. I guess I tried, and that was what was important, but it was a pretty miserable time.

(4) I wish that I'd been more adventurous. I don't have time to do a lot of fun things these days. I don't have the chance to try new things and to experiment. I pretty much have time to eat and sleep and play on my Gameboy. Time was much more abundant in medical school, and that was time that I should've been using to expand and to grow. I should've grown more, as a person. I know that the prevailing theory is that medical school makes you grow as a person, but what I mean is that I wish I did more to be a well-rounded person.

(5) I wish I'd taken up golf earlier. Seriously, golf is fun.

(6) I wish I'd toured the country. I don't have real vacation time anymore. Or more aptly, I have real vacation time now, and not the luxurious amount of free time that medical school gave me. I should've gone to San Diego and Portland and Burlington and Raliegh, and all those places that I'm never going to get the chance to visit because my 3 weeks of vacation are now spent on sleeping and visiting my family.

(7) I wish... holy shit, this other blogger has the exact same desk as me. This is freaky. I'd better stop.

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