Voting made easy

John Edwards is making my election choices so much easier by guaranteeing that I would never vote for him. I mean, bad enough that he made a personal fortune as a malpractice attorney, but now he's standing by the hire of two (one just one, you have to get them in pairs, I guess) anti-Catholic bloggers.

Now, people make the argument that the criticism comes from the mouth of Bill Donohue, who is probably just behind Jerry Falwell in his rightward leaning. But the interesting thing about truth is that it can still be spoken by the people we despise. Truth is beautiful that way.

People are all up in arms about this, but I treat things like this like a 'tell' in poker or a pitcher tipping his pitches. It's much better information than anything he may actually say. And his message is actually quite clear: he cares more about appeasing the 'Blogosphere' community than he does about Catholic voters.

So thanks Mr Edwards. I can now cross another Democratic hopeful off my list.

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