I was sitting at a nurses' station working on my progress notes, and the nurses were all complaining that the printer wasn't working. I ignored them for as long as I could, but after they started ripping some sheets out (a big no no if you don't know what you're doing), I pushed to the front, cleared the jam, reset the printer, and got it running smoothly.

"How did you do that?" one of the cuter nurses asked. I have had such a stupid crush on her, because she is very hot, and very friendly. And very married, sadly.

"Oh, I used to build computers. This stuff is nothing." Play it cool. Nonchalant. Switching into 'Dr. ifinding knows everything' mode.

"Ohmigod! you're a nerd! Ha ha!"

If you ever want to have your self-confidence utterly destroyed, find the prettiest girl you know and have her ridicule you in public. That will pretty much do the trick every time. I felt like I was back in 7th grade. If I remember correctly, I went straight home and hid in my room with a six pack, reminding myself that I am a physician, one of the most prestigious and honorable professions, and how awesome I am in general.

But I guess there's no escaping it. I am a nerd. But maybe being a nerd isn't so bad anymore. After all, it got me this far.


SuperStenoGirl said...

I am so happy I was alone when I read this; I found out that squirting Ginger Ale through your nose HURTS! And keyboards don't like it.

Being a nerd is okay if you're a guy.

Being a girl nerd? Not fun.
No need to call service desk - ask SuperStenoGirl to fix it. She knows eeeeeverything. Mind you, a lot of my "genius" is wasted on physicians staring at an over-sized printer, a stack of papers in their hands asking me "how do I get this thing to photocopy?".

Do you remember that episode of The Simpsons where Ralf takes Lisa to some concert and she breaks up with him. Bart slows down the tape and pinpoints his heart breaking; that was classic. Your poor confidence must have felt like Ralf. -pat pat-

Enjoy your six pack.
Being a nerd is not bad, because like you said - look where it got you. :)

Helen said...

guy nerds are ok. And having someone around who can fix printers is awesome! It's not a bad thing. It's kinda cute ;)

seriously, I'm an academic, I'm surrounded by nerds on a daily basis. You sound like one of the better ones!

TigerLily46 said...

Talk nerdy to me. I love it.

faith said...

Aww, that is too cute. I think I love you. ;p

(Nerds rule!)