You f***ing Democrats

Now with Alito on the court, and the growing possibility of a heavily religiously conservative (this new shit version of the Republican party, not traditional conservatism) Supreme Court, states are lining up to chip away at Roe v. Wade, and in the case of South Dakota, attack it with a shotgun. This is, more or less, ridiculous. I can't think of anything more appalling than the current trend of this country to make everyone conform to Christianity's view of things, or at least fundamental Christian beliefs.

So I'll say it right now to make things clear. I am Catholic, and a seriously practicing one at that. I abhor the entire idea of abortion, to the point where we had a patient that needed an abortion for medical reasons and all my friends tiptoed around me because they thought I'd be offended. I think it's morally reprehensible. But since when is that a reason for something to be illegal? There are lots of things that are horrible and legal. Abortion's not exceptional in that sense.

Last I checked, more than a ton of Supreme Court rulings have consistently found abortion to be protected. It is legal. And I may not like it or even approve of it, but if it's law, and if the Constitution of the United States is behind it, then I'll be damned if I sit quietly while some jerks piss all over it.

The most appalling thing to me is that we're doing nothing to prevent abortions. This is no better than the war on drugs. It doesn't address causes. We have kids out there who honest to God don't know to use condoms. They come to me, and I have to be the one to break the bad news that those sores, that's Herpes, and that nausea and vomiting in the morning, that's being knocked up. Please! This is criminal! And you know that with these ass backwards, fundamentalist, sanctimonious super-Christians, it's only a matter of time before they try to outlaw what I can tell a patient.

Listen up, there's a difference between religion and politics. There's a reason for the separation between church and state, and maybe if we were a majority other than Christianity, you'd understand why. At it stands right now, we're moving closer and closer to Theocracy, and I blame the Democrats.

That's right, you heard me, the Democrats. You motherfuckers let this happen. You watched halfwit after halfwit being elected by the Republicans, and you barely put up a fight. And now, we've got a fucking moron for president who'd sign a law requiring chastity belts if it was passed by Congress. And what did the Democratic Party do? You sat on your hands and put up for scrutiny the most ideologically vacant candidates possible. You lost all your vision. You let the Republicans become the Christian party, as if Christianity has a political party.

And you have the FUCKING GALL to talk about Hillary in 2008. If this thing in 2008 ends up Frist vs Hillary, I promise you that I am voting for ANY third party candidate I can find, because that would be proof enough to me that both major political parties are completely useless.

And if I should wake up on the first Wednesday after the first Tuesday in November 2008 to find out about President Frist, I will grab every representative of the Democratic Party I can find and beat them for letting their party go to shit and letting another Republican moron run our country further into religious zealotry.

Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against the Democrat voter. My beef is with the politicians running the party who've let us all down.

And as for the Republican Party, you're not getting off easy here. I have never been so ashamed IN MY LIFE as I am about the fact that I've voted Republican. I wish my friends had beat me within an inch of my life on voting day so that I couldn't have made such a tremendously stupid decision. At least then, I could sleep at night knowing I didn't vote for you asswipes.


microwaved said...

educated people who take sides on politics... thats sad

Anonymous said...

The Democrats still do not understand that they are acting like cowards. Hopefully they will realize this soon.

glorified midwife said...

prostitution, polygamy, gambling, drugs, animal cruelty--lots of things are outlawed because the majority of people find them immoral. that said, i agree with most of your ranting. the problem is, both sides of the abortion debate are incabable of reasonable discussion and compromise on any level. yes, i believe that abortion should be legal and safe in circumstances. no, i don't think it should be a form of birth control (as it so often is). yes, i think parents should be notified if their underage child is undergoing a surgical procedure (um, duh). no, i don't think criminalizing abortion is going to prevent abortion, it's only going to create more problems (see "war on drugs"). i think promoting abstinence without teaching about birth control is about the most idiotic concept ever created. small-minded people on either side of the debate refuse to see any answer besides absolute yes or absolute no. and it scares me too, that our government seems inching toward theocracy. you don't even have to go so far as to envision a muslim majority to anticipate problems. read "under the banner of heaven" (krakauer) to see the inherent problems that occur when religious leaders control every level of government.

incidental findings said...

I'm just utterly frustrated with the continual sanctimonious idiocy of the Republican party, especially since I used to be a conservative supporter. But how can I support a party that has abandoned all of its ideals for fundamentalist rhetoric, versus the Democratic party that has lost all of its soul?