Lately, I've been experimenting with scents. I'm on a non-clinical rotation, and so I don't need to worry about offending patients with colognes and such. I have been wearing my cologne regularly, and I've even experimented with that Axe body spray stuff (do women really like this stuff? It smells kinda ick).

And maybe it's that I've developed a nose for body odors, but I'm much more appreciative of smells now. I can actually smell perfumes, and find myself enchanted with the smell of a woman. I don't know if this is chicken or egg, but some of the beautiful women I know smell wonderful. Do I like their smell because they're pretty or are they pretty because of the appealing scent?

Anyway, this was all fine and good till someone walked by me and said, "Hey, who stinks?!" And that was pretty much the end of me wearing cologne for a while.

Just so you know, I usually wear Drakkar Noir. I used to wear Davidoff Cool Water. And then the Axe body spray? Interesting, but I think it's kinda bleh. But girls I know tell me they like the smell, proving to me that I have no idea what smells good.


CardiacTamponade said...

Cool Water does smell nice. Echo (also by Davidoff) is also good.

glorified midwife said...

i like the smell of men's deodorant. drakkar used to be my favorite until my mom ruined it by getting it for my dad. i think as long as you pick one scent and stick to it, you're okay.

wyn157 said...

it seems like a ton of guys have worn cool water at some point. i've never smelled (at least knowingly) either drakkar noir or axe body spray, but i tend to prefer 'cooler' more subtle scents on men. too sweet becomes too girly, and too spicy becomes strong and irritates my nose.

there's a particular one i've smelled more than a few times at the hospital that i LOVE, but i don't know whose it is. i always smell it when a lot of ppl are around, and i can't very well ask every guy around, "are you wearing cologne?" ;)

which ones do you like on females? maybe there are male counterparts that you'd also like?