"I wish I could do it over again"

Sometimes, I catch myself saying that I wish I was back in college, a little wiser, and could relive some of my youth, correct some indiscretions, prevent some tragedies, and shatter a couple kneecaps on folks very much deserving. It would be so nice to have that time over again with some of what I know now.

This is entirely wishful thinking. My God, I can't imagine how much it would suck to relive all that drama and torture, muchless trying to pass organic again. And P-chem, what a nightmare. And the angst and dilemmas and all that trash, it'd be Hell and a half to put myself through all that again. I don't really want to relive college. Sure, I wouldn't mind the free time and freedom from responsibility, but that's not really what I want.

I want to feel like I felt in college. I don't want youth back, but I want the feeling, the novelty. I want to feel things for the first time again. I want to hate like I hated back then, and love like I loved back then. I want to experience the things I should've experienced back then.

And I know, I can't go back. It's gone, and I'll never have it back except in memory, but that's what I'd like, to feel that again.

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Anonymous said...

I begin reading your blog without even knowing what a blog was. Ran into it by an accident while googling "Craniopagus Parasiticus." What an incidentaloma you are turning out to be. I appreciate your thoughts and honesty.