An ideal match

So, I met a woman that's a good match to me. She's smart, funny, demure, intelligent, witty, and pleasant. She's interested in the things I'm interested in and has a pleasant and cheerful outlook on life. She's great. The only problem (other than she's a patient)? She's 60 something.

And I guess that the only thing wrong with dating a 60 year old is the horrible social stigma of dating a woman that's more than twice my age and the fact that it's not where I see my life going, but it's not something I'm eager to pursue.

That doesn't seem very fair, y'know? I finally meet a girl that has everything I'm looking for, but she's as old as my mom. It seems like I can't get anything going when it comes to romance. It's all fruitless.

I really long for some human contact. I wish I had someone I could confide in, y'know? That's what's missing in my life, and at this point, I don't see that hole being filled anytime soon.

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Dr. Luke Van Tessel said...

Well, 60 is the new 50. And 50 is the new 40. And 40? Well. . . (How old is your mom again?) All right, don't worry about everyone else's opinion. I would say that, were she not a patient, you could keep her company. Of course, if you were to give her Viagra, she'd be your patient again. This is a good lesson: Women get smarter, funnier, more demure, more intelligent, more witty, and more pleasant with age. Never forget it's an untapped population of poon, brother. And if you take your glasses off, their wrinkles go away, too. But I'd shoot at least half a generation lower. Because 45 is the new 20.