Delightfully tacky

I know this probably won't endear me to the female readers, but I love Hooters. I would say that I really like the food, but I can hear the outcry already. The food is very good though, and it's hard to get spicy hot American food, but their wings and sauce are HOT.

But the best part about Hooters is that it revels in its tackiness. This is what drew me to Hooters on a beautiful day with a friend of mine, Macintosh. Mac had never been to Hooters before, so we had to go. Our server girl was nice. It's just a fun place to eat.

I actually go by myself sometimes because the Hooters near me has an outdoor patio where few people sit (because indoors are where all the girls are), so if I want to eat outside, there's always a table. It helps that I actually like the food.

My favorite Hooters memory was in med school. Me and Chocolate Thunder went on one of our man dates. We went to the local museum and soaked up the arts. Afterwards, we had to counterbalance all that culture, so we stopped at Hooters for dinner! The waitress thought that was hilarious. I mean, how many people at Hooters just spent a day at the museum?

The confusing thing to me was the table next to us was some guy with his 4 yr old girl and his 60's mother. Overhearing their conversation, he took his mother to Hooters for her birthday. WTF? That just doesn't make much sense. I mean, who takes his mother AND his daughter to Hooters?

If you've never been, I recommend it, because it's one of those places where you feel like they enjoy your presence, and sometimes when you live a solitary life, it's very nice to have someone talk to you for a minute and seem interested. ... I must really be starved for meaningful human contact.

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