Your e-mail box is full

When I went to college, I was a technocrati. I was a cyber Jedi. And while other people were tiptoeing around the world of e-mail, I was an e-mail king. And e-mail wasn’t enough eventually. I learned how to maximally abuse my shell account, and I used ytalk and zwrite and IRC as comfortably as most people breathe. I was a little too early for AIM (I was back in the day of ICQ anyway). But my point here is that internet communication was fun and exciting.

Now, I’m afraid to open my e-mail. My inbox is flooded with 10-12 e-mails a day of stuff that is NOT SPAM! It’s actually meant for me! I have to go through 50+ e-mails a week! Two weeks of vacation, I can fully expect 200 e-mails waiting for me! It’s ruined all the fun of e-mail.

So I’ve given up hope on e-mail, and I’ve gone back to writing letters on pen and paper, and hopefully, I can reclaim the joy of snail mail. I’ve given up hope on e-mail. At least with written correspondence, there is still the visceral pleasure of holding a letter in your hands.

Alternately, I may move ahead to text messaging…

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