Music to my ears

Lately, I've been going to a lot of classical music performances. Part of it is that I actually know some of the people performing, but lately, my musical tastes have changed... radically.

Anyone who knew me in college knew that I had no taste in music. None. Absolutely zero. I owned all three Backstreet Boys CD's. Oh, I would go to see local music and junk, but my CD collection was still an atrocity, a crime against music.

In medical school, I got into this weird alternative kick. I was listening to Puddle of Mudd, Hoobastank, Everclear... (you might note, still listening to crap). Then, I began to develop some taste. I got into emo. Dashboard Confessional. Guster. Jimmy Eat World. Get Up Kids. Saves the Day. The captains of emo.

And now, sort of out of the blue, I've been listening to jazz and classical music again, which I haven't listened to since I was a child forced to listen to classical music. But I actually enjoy it now...

It's weird how things can change without even trying. And yet, some things, no matter how hard I try, never seem to change at all.

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