Working with nurses

There are a few nurses that I really enjoy working with. Most of the nurses in the hospital are okay, but there are 3 or 4 that are just a pleasure.

Blondie is a funny nurse. I always seem to see her around the hospital completely randomly, and she's always cheery and pleasant, and never fails to give me as much attitude as possible. But it's okay, because she's way hot.

Then there's Sarcasm, the best nurse ever to work with. She just drips sarcasm and biting cynicism. I was sitting at the nurses station, and I hear from one of the rooms, "Hey you! Ifinding! Get over here!"

I ran into the room expecting to find a patient coding but it was just Sarcasm, taking care of a comatose patient. "Your intern told me that I'm bossy! Can you believe that? WTF?"

But my favorite nurse is Done. Done is like having another intern. "Hey, Done, this patient is having diarrhea-"

"I'll get it done." Then I come back a few hours later to a chart full of orders that I supposedly gave, and Done is sitting reading the newspaper. "It's done."

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TigerLily46 said...

**Hey-- I don't think I said it was okay to give the patient 25 of benadryl. Yeah, he's a young, healthy guy (obviously without BPH) who just happened to crash is motorcycle and break his leg. It's okay if he has it. He can't sleep AND he's itchy inside his splint. Okay. Well, you guys can just call me if you want an order for it. I should probably at least KNOW about it.**

Or, you can just be the doctors. You're way better than I am at this point anyway.

I am SO humbled by this experience everyday, and I thank the nurses from the bottom of my heart for teaching me, and bailing me out once in a while. One of them even managed to keep me breathing as she ran for the crash cart for my patient as he was about to code. She said, "It's okay Dr. D. I have seen lots of surgical airways. If you have to do one, I can help you."

Oh my God-Oh my God-Oh my God