In my life, I have a strong sense of self-respect. I have dignity and a great desire for justice. However, in spite of all this self-respect, I have very little self-esteem, which is almost ridiculous, given that I have so much to be proud of.

So, if you'll excuse me for a minute, I wish to simply espouse what in my life that I am proud of, and why I should have some self-esteem, because I really should. Any normal person couldn't help but be proud of the achievements I've had in my life.

I'm compassionate. I feel very strongly for my patients. I'm thoughtful and considerate. I'm conscientious and hard-working. I don't shy away from tough spots. I I'm sensitive and kind-hearted. I have a strong sense of morals. I appreciate art and literature. I'm erudite and classy. I can swim in all social circles. I hold a BS in a hard science and an MD. I'm in the profession that consistently ranks #1 in prestige.

I have so much to be proud of, and you'd think I'd take a little pride in it. I wish I did.

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CT said...

Haha, I feel the same way sometimes.

Don't you think that your thoughtfulness and being considerate partly stem from the not so humongous self-esteem? I've yet to see people who are truly thoughtful and considerate, and yet have large egos.

Just a thought.