That holiday between Halloween and Christmas

I just wanted to wish you all a happy Turkey Day tomorrow, and mention one thing that's been bugging me, and it's been getting worse every year. People keep celebrating Christmas earlier and earlier, to the point now where the day after Halloween, everyone's got Christmas decorations up. It seems like no one remembers how to celebrate Thanksgiving.

First off, Thanksgiving is the best American food related holiday that we have. But more importantly, what it means. It's a chance for us every year to give thanks for what we have and spend some time with loved ones. It's an important day, and people are so eager to skip over to Christmas.

So if you're one of those store owners and you've been playing Christmas music in the malls and grocery stores this November, screw you, you bastards. You've made my shit list. Just because there are no catchy Thanksgiving songs doesn't mean that Christmas gets to come any earlier this year.

Happy turkey day!

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