I'm rich

I've discovered during my residency that there are several residents with wives and children (as in multiple offspring) and they seem to get by okay. Compare this to me, where I have a car payment, an apartment payment, and not much else. I'm rich.

Having made this realization, I've been a little more liberal with my spending. I'm so used to my medical school days where I never knew when the money was coming, or how much of it I'd get. I'd put everything on the credit card and pray that I had $5 to buy ramen noodles for the month.

There really is nothing quite so humiliating as medical school. It's a process of taking away a person's self-sustinence, pride, relaxation, and joy, and replacing these things with fear, inadequacy, and rejection. In some ways, it might be considered torture by the Geneva Convention.

I'm glad to be done with medical school and earning a steady paycheck. I've wasted quite a bit of money on things, but sometimes, things make you feel a little better about life, like buying that camera I said I'd buy myself when I was a doctor, or living in my own apartment alone again, and very comfortable.

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