My family visited for Thanksgiving, and my GI system has forgotten what it's like to eat nothing but Asian food. I'm gassy and my stomach is a mix of hungry and bloated. I haven't slept in my own bed in days, and I haven't had a moment of privacy except in the hospital of all places.

Still, I miss them now that they've left. I'm not a very communal person. I'm very hermit-like. So it's not my thing to hang out with random people. But family, family loves you, and it's always bearable to have family present. Family does little things like make your bed with hospital corners, or vaccuum, or make you dinner after a tough day in the hospital.

Family listens to your troubles and is always rooting for you. It feels nice to feel loved. There really is no substitute for that. My mom wants me to date and get a girlfriend, but I reserve the right still to be picky, because it's quite a wonderful thing, to be loved, and I don't want to waste that.

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bw said...

love your writings, you think a lot like I do. will keep reading..
p.s. hope I am as competent a R2 as you sound like you are in a few years..