So sleepy...

I'm on call again. More medicine inpatient. Blah. It's beating me up and I've just caved. I don't even try to fight it anymore. I just plug along, a cog in a clockwork that is grinding me down, day by day.

And worse yet, I'm without coffee. It hurts. I gave up coffee for Lent again this year, and albeit, my coffee intake has decreased substantially, but when you don't have coffee, you realize just how much you miss it: the smell, the warm bitterness. It's wonderful in a way that is not good.

I would like a cup of coffee right now, quite badly, but I'd also like to be in Mexico, on a beach facing the warm waters of the Caribbean, sipping beer and getting a nice tan.

Overall, I'd take Mexico to coffee, but something tells me that Mexico won't happen anytime soon.

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