I'm bald

My attending, subtle she ain't. The other day, I was writing something, and she says to me, "Why are you bald?" Ego currently has physical findings significant for hematoma and ecchymoses.

Where did my hair go, anyway? Seems sort of unfair. I used to have a whole lot of hair, but now things are kind of on the thin side. I thought about Propecia and stuff like that, but I sort of just said screw it. I have enough hair that my life isn't ending, and honestly, I'm not sure I want to date a woman that cares how much hair I have on my head.

But I do miss my hair. Where did it all go?

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wyn157 said...

you're right, that IS blunt. almost unbelievably tacky! i know it's been years since i've seen you, but i'm sure you haven't changed that much.